Sunday, 19 February 2012

Trip to Hatyai 2

arh...the next day morning, go to Hatyai must go to the big market~
 there is a big market, you need go to by 'Tuk Tuk'car very cheap RM2 per person only
 there is many 'Tuk Tuk' car on the road, you can sit any of it,haha
this Tuk Tuk in Hatyai is their common famous taxi
here we go XD
go to market for breakfast >< wake up 6am (malaysia time @~@)
breakfast, we are coming~~ eat 'kuay chap' thai 'kuay chap' very nice
because the mee Q than Malaysia
after that heading to big market
wao, there lots of shops ><
sell lots of shoes, bags (girls things) abd also many snacksss
 their shops are small, the way quite narrow
must buy the snack food in Hatyai, cause is very cheap!
we bought the fried seaweed for 6 pack just RM18 only, haha
around 11am we back to hotel again, cause 12am we need to check out~
this is the shoe Shmily bought from the market RM10 
also from market RM25 (if no wrongly ><)
this pair of earing cost RM2,haha, cheap right?
but I didn't buy it ><
this shoes RM15 bacause behind got tied up the feet so more expensive 
hard to find a shoes suit for me because every shoes I like either no size or pattern is different T^T
I also bought a red school bag (RM16) from market, forget took a photo again @~@
after check out, we drive our car go to the market again, haha
and look for lunch, it is lunch time~
my mum want to eat thai laksa, I want to eat Thai beef mee 
both of us didn't get it T^T
we left Hatyai around 3pm, its time say goodbye to Hatyai
I will come again,haha
reach the border kastam wa, many people @~@
when we lining up, haha, there few western guy, looks nice!
Shmily always say one of them got 1 very handsome haha
11pm we just reach home @~@ tired day
 I will introduce Hatyai tasty food soon, you go thai what kind of food you must eat
see you soon~

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