Saturday, 13 October 2012

UTAR Kampar Grand Hall

UTAR at kampar, the grand hall
mainly is for convocation purpose
in future student no need attend the convo in KL
yes, this is design of new grand hall!
first time look at the grand hall, many said design like chinese temple
ok, I also admit =.=!
then teacher said " you all sure will get good result because exam in the temple"
I'm sweating when I heard this, OMG!

opposite is the parking lot
what you feel when you see this?
got china palace feel right? xDD
this is one part of the grand hall, the grand hall quite big =.=!
the construction still in process, yet finish the construction ><!


  1. Lovely pictures you have got there and the UTAR Grand Hall is really very nice! =)

  2. 哇~~ 好美哦~~~ 你觉得我说什么美呢?

  3. Hi Pyee Ng,

    I am Amanda Fong, a creative designer of an Education Magazine, I would like to ask your permission to publish your photos of UTAR. May I credit you in my magazine?

    Awaiting your reply.thanks.


    1. Hi Amanda,

      Sorry for so late reply, sure.
      You get my permission