Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Half Day to UUM (Universiti Utara M'sia)

info stated that UUM is the biggest art stream in Peninsular M'sia
 My friends study at UUM
I wanna visit UUM someday, haha
Shmily need back there for half day just for her presentation
thats my chance to follow and visit,hehe
Shmily mum drive us to UUM~
her presentation ll start at 8am, thus need depart very early in the morning ><
this is the entrance of UUM (the entrance design quite special right?)
the new collage design look quite modern, while the old collage normal la
(UTAR every block said as campus, but UUM said as collage)
their sport facilities very convenience, got swimming pool, golf field, archery, soccer...
why my UTAR din have archery and golf  ~><~

yanting early back to UUM for final revision, she become our 'tour guide' in UUM
that day she wearing formal, along the UUM all people wearing long pants, formal or kurung
after drop Shmily at DKG6, yanting bring us to a cafe for breakfast
this is CAS campus (haha, the tree covered the campus name)
when I passed one of the collage, I saw this high class cafe
it looks like 5 star hotel cafe right? it is still new, havent open yet
It named 'Academia Lounge' (the name can be more high class...)
 this is the biggest dewan in UUM
this is one of the hall of DKG (not the new DKG)
new hall ll be more nice than this (more new?haha)
 collage corridor, erm...feel like stone century?haha
 this is Perpustakaan Sultanah Bahiyah (big library, beside library got a small cafe, but just selling some bread and drinks only)
 that all my half day visit to UUM,haha
UUM famous in commerce course such as accounting, business...
but now, the pointer for F6 students enter UUM must be quite high special for those HOT course
at least must be 2.90 for CGPA, my fren score 2.89 CGPA also cannot enter
duno how the system to choose student for the course...
all the best for my frens study at UUM ^w^

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